You’re Wrong. Dead Wrong. [Human Politics and the Theology of Rule]

“It is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.” ― Voltaire It’s possible that you’re reading this and, the truth is, you and I will never agree. We may never find ourselves sharing the same view on certain subjects. You aren’t going… Read More You’re Wrong. Dead Wrong. [Human Politics and the Theology of Rule]

Hide & Seek

[The following is a modified version of a message I was recently honored to share with the high school students at our church on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016.] Have you ever played hide and seek? As kids, our goal was to hide as best we could so that the one seeking couldn’t find us. We… Read More Hide & Seek

Martha, Martha

I feel as though we in the Church are really good at doing things. We can organize conferences, have really cool videos and trendy media, we can come up with great promos and Bible-study plans. The truth is, we’ve fostered a culture that’s good at serving God. Sadly, we sometimes don’t put as much effort… Read More Martha, Martha